Written by Alabê Duarte, Software Engineer at SafetyCulture.
  1. January 20, 2021

    Quick write-up about handling multiple .gitconfig files (personal and work-related configs)

  2. January 08, 2021

    As I became to customise my settings more and more, having to set up a new environment wasn't an exciting thing to do anymore. I not only have to remember to install all of these things that I need, but it became also tedious and demanded a large cognitive effort. Also, I got frustrated many times because I thought I was all set up until I realised I forgot to install a particular tool. This post shares some things I've learned when comes to automating my environment setup.

  3. January 01, 2021

    The structure of this blog

  4. January 01, 2021

    Introduction about who I am, my background and the values I try to stand by.